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August 2002

Notified by BeSeen.com that they were discontinuing their counter service. Switched all pages to FastCounter counters.

February 2002

Added the Recommended Reading page. Books are sold through Amazon and any funds raised will be used to support this website and more research.

November 2001

Moved to our own server www.ortakales.com and added this what's new page.

January 2001

Added counters to all the pages.

December 2000

The artists Frances Brundage and Tasha Tudor were added.

July 2000

The Artists Virginia Lee Burton, Barbara Cooney, Bessie Collins Pease Gutmann, Ruth Mary Hallock, Elizabeth Orton Jones, Dorothy Pulis Lathrop, Ida Rentoul Outhwaite, Helen Moore Sewell and Florence Edith Storer were added.

June 2000

A history of children's illustration and search capabilities have been added. 

May 1999

This site was originally post in May of 1999.

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