Textbook Illustrated by 
Maginel Wright Enright
From Craft Horizons, November-
December, 1954, by Elizabeth
Enright: "As for the importance
of her work in the lives of others,
it is certainly true that her illust-
rations enhanced the book in
many a nursery and that they enlivened the pages of thousands
of school readers, for my mother
was largely responsible for the revolutionizing of textbook illust-
ration. Up to that time most
primers had been adorned with
stolid, utilitarian illustrations,
nearly as deadly as the text:
'Ned has gone to the shed, Tom
has a red sled. . . ' What my
mother did was to bring grace, liveliness and, above all, imag-
ination to the pages of these
books. The unpretentious beauty
and gaiety of her drawings must
have quickened many young perceptions."
Young, Ella Flagg & Field, Walter
Taylor, Young and Field Literary
Readers Book Two, Boston,
Ginn & Co., 1916.
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