School Visits by Author/Illustrator
Denise Ortakales

Presentations: All presentations include a Q & A period if time permits. I usually bring one or two pieces of art from my latest book to share, as well as sketches and reference material. An age appropriate book is usually read to younger groups.

MY JOURNEY (All Ages) This general presentation covers Denise’s background, her start in writing and illustrating, and her paper sculpture technique. She encourages children to start their own journey by keeping journals and sketchbooks.

ILLUSTRATING PICTURE BOOKS (All Ages) Students will learn about the process of illustrating a picture book, from receiving the text, dividing it up, creating thumbnails and a storyboard, creating a book dummy, revising sketches, to creating finished artwork. Emphasis is placed on collaboration and revision.

ILLUSTRATION AS A CAREER (Gr 5 to adult) What is an illustrator? What do they do all day? Can they really go to work in their pajamas? Illustration can be a satisfying career and students will benefit from the insights of a professional illustrator. This presentation focuses on the pros and cons of being an illustrator, education, marketing and promoting yourself, where to find assignments and other professional concerns. Focus can be on illustration in general or specifically children’s book illustration. Included are my thoughts on getting over fear, personal encouragement and advice to the children on achieving their goals and dreams.


Following these guidelines helps me to do my very best and makes for a rewarding day for everyone.


$500/day plus hotel, meal, and travel expenses. Mileage at .34 a mile will be charged beyond 50 miles from Laconia, NH and accommodations and travel arrangements if an overnight stay is involved.

Booking an Appearance

Email me to set up a date. After a date is confirmed, I will send you a confirmation packet that includes a contract and resources to make the most of my appearance.

Thank you for your interest!