Message from the Cub Master.


I wanted to thank all of you for a great field day and a great year! Yesterday was a lot of fun and we had perfect weather! I hope there wasn't a glitch in communication for those of you who weren't able to attend, I know we had talked about this last month and set the time and date.

I also want to thank you for a great year! You are a great group of people to work with and have made this year a great experience for all involved!

Just a few housekeeping things:

Day camp paperwork needs to be turned into me by the end of the month.

Overnight camp paperwork needs to be turned in at the MANDATORY camp meeting on July 29 at 5pm at the high school. REMEMBER THESE PAPERS MUST BE SIGNED BY A DOCTOR!!! (THIS INCLUDES ADULT LEADERS).

If anyone needs green t-shirts for camp or otherwise please contact Nancy Stock by the end of next week.

Thanks to Chris for coming back and helping us out this year! Your great! We will miss you!

Heather has decided to step down next year as Den Leader! Thanks so much for everything Heather!! She was thinking about stepping into our open Committee Chair position so hopefully she will still be involved! At this point Dave does not wish to step into the leader position so at this point Den 7 is without a leader!! If you know anyone who could step in and help out that would be great!!

Dawn has agreed to step into the open Assistant Cubmaster position! Thanks Dawn!

We are always looking for committee members and people to help out so let me know if you have any volunteers!

We already have a Tiger den leader for next year! Sarah Marcoux has said she would like to join us for next year! You may know her son Joseph who is in Delia's den, she has another son joining us next year! Thanks Sarah!

Kamp Katina is next week for those of you involved! Have a great time earning all those pins!!

The Old Home day parade is the 30th! Any ideas for the float, let Shawn know! Hopefully you can all be there to join in the fun!

I think that's everything!! Have a great summer and see you at our many events this summer!!

Hello All!
Just a quick note to all of you helped to make the pinewood derby a great success, Robert Trowsdale and Delia with set up and a hand whenever we needed it; Nancy, Christian and Henry with concession; Jasen and Patrick with registration, helping with the cars and Master of Ceremonies; Chris with the Pit and helping with the cars; Heather and Dawn with the cars and the certificates; John Bernard and Mark Maynard with the cars; Matt Sotherden on the computer; Mike with the photography (please share your pic's!!); Kurt Young for stepping in at the Pit and helping with the cars; Shawn Wagner with the set up of the track at 9:30 this AM; Shawn Fowler with the comuter/timer technical stuff; Jody with getting us a place to hold the derby, getting us in early, getting tables, a sound system, cleaning up after everyone left and taking pictures during the race; and most of all Katina for ordering the track, setting up the track, organizing the timing and the winners!
You are all awesome!!!
(hopefully I didn't forget anyone!)
One more reminder! If you have anyone who wants to go to either camp please let me know by Wednesday at the latest. If you could call all of your scouts and double check that would be great!!
Thanks again

(For those of you who did not receive the first email I have placed a copy of it at the bottom of this email.)
Hey All,
   Things are starting to come together and change quickly. First off it was suggested from several sources that we open the Tournament to the entire Wannalancit District. Susie Burdett has suggested that we talk about the Tournament at the February Roundtable. If we go District wide we may set up several separate rounds at bowling alleys that are more local to Packs and then have a 'Finals' at Boutwell's in Concord. Bowling Belt Loops and Pins are a must.  Several Packs have already expressed their interest. I look forward to meeting with all of you in setting this up.


Hey All,
   My name is Chris Skafidas, I am the Committee Chair for Pack 270 in Pembroke. We have had an idea brewing here in Pembroke, the Concord Area Cub Scout Bowling Tournament. After some brainstorming and batting about the idea, I felt it was time to present to you.
   Basically the idea is as the name implies, a Bowling Tournament for the Cub Scouts of the Concord Area. At first I thought of it as a weekly league kinda thing, but soon enough our Assistant Cubmaster led me to believe that a one or two day would be better for the age group. Next I contacted  Boutwell's Bowling in Concord to see if there was time and space for us to hold this thing, a resounding yes. Then cost entered the picture. Boutwell's will give us the following rate, shoe rental + 2 strings for $8 per Scout or Shoe Rental + 3 strings for $11. I thought that we could hold this in April or May to give the Scouts time to practice. We would have teams of six Scouts and one Coach/Adult Leader. Each Pack can field as many teams as they have Scouts to participate.
   Now comes the fun stuff, we need to set a time and place to meet and discuss the rules for the Tournament, funding certificates and trophies, Dates and all the other things that need setting before we can go ahead with this  fun and exciting thing.
   Interested? Email ( or phone (210-1619) me and let me know when you are available to meet and move forward with the Tournament. If I receive enough response then I will bring it up at Roundtable in February.
Christopher A Skafidas
Committee Chairman, Cub Scout Pack 270 - for Scout recruitment related e-mails - for Website related e-mails - for other scout and personal

Wannalancit District earns Quality District Award


To all scouts and scouters of the Wannalancit District:

It is with great pride in our collective accomplishment that I announce the
Wannalancit District has been declared a "Quality District" of the Boy
Scouts of America.  Only 3 or so other districts in the state, of 10,
reached this milestone!

You are all to be congratulated on the energy, enthusiasm, dedication and
character you bring to the scouting program in this district, and to the
quality of the program being delivered to our young men and women.

I will share more information as it becomes available but wanted to get
this information out as quickly as possible.

Thank you for all of your tireless efforts on behalf of our great program!

Jim Steiner
Wannalancit District