Den 2 Advancement

Here is a list of what we have done as a Den week by week.  There is also a list of asignments for you and your son to work on at home.  The object of which is to have your son advance in rank for the Blue and Gold in february.  If your son misses a Den meeting then you and your son will have to complete that weeks Den meeting progress at home.

September 13th.  In the Den:  Worked on Phitness Chart ( Achievement 16a).  

At home continue to work on Phitness Chart (16a).  Complete family history chart and return next den meeting (Achievement 8d).  Cub Scout should find out about two famous Americans (Achievement 3b).  They should be prepared to report at the next den meeting on what these people did or are doing to improve our way of life.
September 20th.  In the Den:  Every week we will be conducting a flag ceremony (Achievement 3f).We will talk about what makes America special  to you (achievement 3d).  We will be working on State flag, tree, flower ( achievement 3e), and achievement 8b (talk to someone who was a cubscout a long time ago)
and the character connection on respect ( achievement 8g).

At home continue work on 3b and 16 a (see above if not done yet),.  Work on bike safty quiz.
October 4th.  We will be working on achievement 14 (ride right).  Please if possible bring your son's helmet and bike.
October 11th.  No Den Meeting.  Columbus Day.  Spend some time riding your bike and working on your son's Bicycling Belt loop.  Post emergency numbers near phones in your home.  Also work on sections 7c, 7d, and 7f in your son's book.
October 18th.  Meeting at the Northfield Police Department.  
November 1st .  Opening with 7a (fingerprinting).  Character connection citizenship (3J).  Outdoor flag ceremony (3i).
November 8th.  We will be working on Tying it up this week (22) .  Work on Achievement 1 at home.
November 15th.  We will be working on Achievement 6 Taking care of your planet.  We will also be working a little on Achievement 16 Building Muscles.  Please work on Achievement 1.
November 22nd.  Worked on Achievment 11 (Be Ready).  At home work on achievement 11e (fire escape route).  Continued work on Achievement 16 building muscles.    
December 6th.  We will be working on Achievements 9b, 9d, and 9e.  Complete one other achievement in section 9.  If you are all caught up with what we have done so far (or not), do one more family achievement (10, 12, or 13).   
December 13th.  We will be working on Achievement 15 (Games, Games, Games).  Please have your son prepared to share a short game.