Darth Liniia
A Sith lord of the
female persuasion

Valkyrie Ascending
After the battle

The Giordano Gambit
Martian sport, Renaissance

Lord Fredrickson's Curse
Beware the Egyptian litch

Paparazzi's Venus
Botticelli revisited (nudity)

Armageddon, ancient
Norse style

The Architect's House
Outside, just an old shack.
Inside, a mansion of horror!

Preview of the art

Salvatore's Gritty End
A soldier's fate

Amazing transportation

Under Your Bed
A child's fear realized

Urtur Zenith Entry
Along the galactic trade routes

Valkyrie Imperiled
Against the frost giants
even legendary beings quail.

Edward Hyde
Stevenson's quintessential

An Oriental fantasy

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